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No. Name Photo Gradudation Thesis Title Current Job
1 Byung Ho Lee   Aug. 1994 Servo Control with Estimation of Stick-Slip Friction Parameters LG Innotek
2 Jong Won Kim   Feb. 1995 Performance of Time-Delay-Control for Servo Motors with Stick-Slip Friction and Its Improvements Samsung Electric.
3 Sung Hyun Kim   Feb. 1995 Tracking Control of Robot Manipulators with Neural Network Samsung Electric.
4 Sung Don Lee Photo of Sung Don Lee Feb. 1995 Collision Avoidance Using Fuzzy Logic Samsung Electronics
5 Jong Guk Yim Photo of Jongguk Yim Feb. 1996
Tracking Control of Robot Manipulators with Sliding-Mode Controllers
Stavle Running Velocity Change of Biped Robot Based on Virtual Torque
6 Sun Hak Hong Photo of Soon Hak Hong Feb. 1996 Obstacle Avoidance of Autonomous Mobile Robots in Known Environment Sharp Labs of America
7 Sang Ho Kim   Aug. 1996 Null-Space Analysis for Redundant Robot Manipulators Daewoo Motors Inc.
8 Chan Young Kim   Feb. 1997 Optimal Slip Control of Driving Wheels for Vehicle Stability Sindo Richo
9 You Moo Kim   Feb. 1997 TDC Control of Servo Motors with Stick-Slip Friction Hyundai Motors Inc.
10 Kyung Dae Kim   Feb. 1998 Control for Stable Locomotion of Biped Robots Faculty, Denver University, USA
11 Hyun Chul Cho Photo of Hyun Chul Cho Feb. 1998
Aug. 2005
Impedance Control of Parallel-Link Manipulators Using Variable Stiffness
Impedance Control for Time-Delayed Bilateral Teleoperation: Stability and Performane Analysis
Hyundai Heavy Industry
12 Jae Yong Kang Photo of Jae Yong Kang Feb. 1998 Control of Manipultors with Flexible Links Samsung Electric.
13 Sung Hee Lee Photo of Sunghee Kim Aug. 1998 Optimal Trajectory for Nonholonomic Mobile Manipulators Private Business
14 Yong Kwon Rhee Photo of Yong Kwon Rhee Aug. 1998 ZMP Trajectory for Stable Locomotion of Biped Robots Daewoo Electronics
15 Suk Chul Choi Photo of Suk Chul Choi Aug. 1998 Sliding Mode Control of Robots with Artificial Neural Network Samsung Electronics
16 Young Seok Kim Photo of Young Seok Kim Feb. 1999 Robust H-Infinity Controller for Active Suspensions Based on a Full-Car Model Hyundai Mobis Inc.
17 Je Hyung Kim Photo of Je Hyung Kim Feb. 1999 Estimation of Vehicle Lateral Velocity by Using Nonlinear Sliding-Mode Observers Hyundai Motors Inc.
18 Ho Am Chung Photo of Am Ho Chung Aug. 1999 ZMP Compensation and Impedance Control for Improving Walking Stability of Biped Robots Staff, Monash University, Australia
19 Wu Sung Ahn Photo of Woo Sung Ahn Aug. 1999 H-Infinity Yaw Moment Control with Brakes for Improving Driving Performance and Stability Hyundai Motors Inc.
20 Ji Hyuk Song Photo of Ji Hyuk Song Feb. 2000 Modulation of Impedance Parameters for a Teleoperator Using Distance Measurement Hyundai Heavy Industry
21 Young Jong Lee Photo of Young Jong Lee Feb. 2000 Robust Visual Servoing to Control the Motion of a Sphere on a Plate Samsung Heavy Industry
22 Ohung Kwon Photo of Ohung Kwon Feb. 2001
Feb. 2009
Reflex Control of Biped Robot Locomotion on A Slippery Surface
Asymmetrical Trajectory Generation Algorithm and Robust Compliance Controller Design of Biped Robots
23 Dong Hee Kim Photo of Dong Hee Kim Feb. 2001 Fuzzy-Logic ABS Control for Commercial Vehicles Based on A Sliding-Mode Observer Ph.D. Program, Hanyang Univ
24 Do Yeon Won Photo of Do Yeon Won Feb. 2002 Visual Feedback Control to Overcome the Uncertainty of a Robotic System Hyundai Motors Inc.
25 Woo Tan Shon Photo of Woo Tan Shon Aug. 2002 Analysis of Collision Detection in Consideration of Dynamics in Virtual Environment Shindo Richo
26 Dae Hee Won Photo of Dae Hee Won Aug. 2002 A Study on the Wearable Input Device Recognizing Human Hand-Motions KITECH
27 Dong June Lee Photo of Dong June Lee Aug. 2002 Design and Analysis of Dexterous Haptic Device Samsung Electric.
28 Sung Hak Lee Photo of Sung Hak Lee Feb. 2003 Design and Fabrication of Locomotive Mechanism for Capsule-Type Endoscopes Using Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) Hyundai Motors Inc.
29 Jae Hoon Lee Photo of Jae Hun Lee Feb. 2003 Micromanipulation with Adaptive Scaling Based On A Vision System LG Electronics
30 Hun Young Yim Photo of Hun Young Yim Feb. 2003 Design and Development of A Colonoscopic Robot with a Hollow Body and a Steering Device UNIsolutions
31 Tae Hyung Kim Photo of Tae Hyung Kim Feb. 2003 Robust Backstepping Control for Flexible-Joint Robot Manipulators Using A Disturbance Observer National Instruments
32 Moo Sung Choi Photo of Moo Sung Choi Feb. 2003 Optimal Gait Trajectory Generation for A Biped Robot Using Genetic Algorithm Solidea-lab
33 Yun Su Park Photo of Yun Su Park Aug. 2003 Design and Flight Control of A Craft with Four Rotors ana A Blimp Ecojoin
34 Chang Ju Lee Photo of Chang Ju Lee Aug. 2003 A Hand-Arm Coordinative Manipulation for Indoor Service Robot PSR LG PRC
35 Noh Hun Park Photo of Noh Hun Park Aug. 2003 Control of Robotic Hand Using Behavior-Based Tactile Servoing Samsung SDI
36 Kweon Soo Jeon Photo of Kweon Soo Jeon Feb. 2004 Trajectory Optimization for a Biped Robot Walking a Staircase Based on Genetic Algorithms Hyundai Motors Inc.
37 Je Sung Yeon Photo of Je Sung Yeon Feb. 2004
Aug. 2014
Dynamic Trajectory Control of a Biped Robot with Curved Soles
Trajectory Generation for Biped Robots with Use of Their Dynamics and Kinetic Characteristics
Hyundai Rotem
38 Young Ho Lee Photo of Young Ho Lee Feb. 2004 Local Obstacle Avoidance of Nonholonomic Wheeled Mobile Robots in Trajectory Tracking KIST
39 Eui Jin Kim Photo of Eui Jin Kim Feb. 2004 Design and Control of a Microrobot Moving on A Slippery Surface Using Wave Motion Hyundai Heavy Industry
40 Dong Hyun Nam Photo of Dong Hyun Nam Feb. 2005 Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation Using Stereo Vision System Hyundai Mobis Inc.
41 Sung Kun Suh Photo of Sung Kun Suh Feb. 2005 New Suction Mechanism Using Permanent Magnets LG PRC
42 Jung Han Youn Photo of Jung Han Youn Feb. 2006 Design of Parallel Biped Robots and Generation of Their Optimal Trajectory based on Genetic Algorithm Hyundai Rotem
43 Eung Seo Kim Photo of Eung Seo Kim Feb. 2006 Foot Adjusting Motion on Irregularly Protruded Uneven Surface for Biped Robots Hyundai Motors Inc.
44 Sang Hun Lee Photo of Sang Hun Lee Aug. 2006 Controller Design For Industral Robotic Manipulators with Flexible Joint using a Gain-scheduling Method and a Robust Backstepping Method Hyundai Heavy Industry
45 In Sik Lim Photo of Eung Seo Kim Aug. 2006 Optimal Trajectory Generation of Humanoid Robot for Stair Walking by Genetic Algorithm LG PRC
46 Kyung Young Kim Photo of Kyung Young Kim Feb. 2007 Elliptic Trajectory Generation for Galloping Quadruped Robots LG Electronics MC
47 Dong Woon Choi Photo of Dong W Choi Feb. 2007 Design of Multipurpose Sensing System for Human Gait Analysis KITECH
48 Seung Su Kim Photo of Seung Su Kim Feb. 2007 Stable Whole-Body Motion Generation for Humanoid Robots to Imitate Human Motions Post-doc, Bielefeld University, Germany
49 Jae Ik Sim Photo of Jae Ik Sim Aug. 2007 Development of A motion Control System and Its Application to Robots RobotWare
50 Sul Hee Lee Photo of Sul Hee Le Aug. 2007 Generation of Optimal Trajectories for Parallellinked Biped Robots using Genetic Algorithms KITECH
51 Jae Young Lee Photo of Jae Young Lee Feb. 2008 Robust Control Design for Flexible Joint Robot Manipulators Hyundai Autron
52 Yong Bea Her Photo of Yong Bea Her Feb. 2008 Integrated Optimization of Design and Locomotion Trajectory for Parallel Biped Robots Using A Genetic Algorithm Samsung Electro-Mechanics
53 Tae Sung Kim Photo of Tae Sung Kim Feb. 2008 Development of Anthropomorphic Prosthesis Hand H3 and Its Control LG DA
54 Hyeon Sik Shin Photo of Hyeon Sik Shin Feb. 2008 ZMP-based Biped Running Pattern Generation Hyundai Motors Inc.
55 Key Gew Chae Photo of Key Gew Chae Aug. 2008 Control of the high speed quadruped robots using momentum LG Electronics AC
56 Jong Hyun Kwon Photo of Jong Hyun Kwon Feb. 2009 3D Motion Control of Biomimetic Robotic Fish LG CNS
57 Tae Jung Ha Photo of Tae Jung Ha Feb. 2009 ILC Filter Design and Signal Processing Using Non-Causal Filtering for Flexible Joint Rotot Manipulators Hyundai Rotem
58 Bum Gue Soun Photo of Bum Gue Soun Aug. 2009 Impedance control for a humanoid robot on an uneven serface Samsung Display
59 Tae Yeon Kim Photo of Tae Yeon Kim Aug. 2009 Impedance conrol of quadruped robot Hyundai Mobis Inc.
60 Seok Won Lee Photo of Seok Won Lee Feb. 2010 Development of Bio-mimetic Robot Hand Using Parallel Mechanisms Hyundai Moters
61 Seup Hyeok Jung Photo of Seong hyeon Jung Aug. 2011 Stretched knee walking trajectory generation for ZMP-based biped robot using central pattern generators Hoosan Infracore
62 Jin Tak Kim Photo of Jin Tak Kim Aug. 2011 Trajectory generation for biped robot bsing a slip KITECH
63 Seung Gyn Roh Photo of Seung Gyn Roh Aug. 2011 Stable galloping trajectory generation and ground reaction force controller design of quadruped robots Smatech
64 Jin Seuk Choi Photo of Jin Seuk Choi Aug. 2011 Numerical algorithm using null space to identify grouped inertial parameters of robot manipulators Hyundai Kefico
65 Gun Woo Park Photo of Gun Woo Park Feb. 2012 Two-dimensional backflip motion of humanoid robots
66 Jong Kil Park Photo of Jong Kil Park Feb. 2012 Stable trotting of quadruped robot with learning algorithm KIST
67 Jae Hwan Park Photo of Jae Hwan Park Feb. 2012 Variable impedance control of quadruped robot KITECH
68 See Myoung Choi Photo of See Myoung Choi Feb. 2012 Control of running biped robot with desired arm motion INIS
69 Jin Han Lee Photo of Jongguk Yim Feb. 2012 Development of SEMG Electrode Interface for Decoding of Human Motion Intention ADD
70 Jea Wook Cho Photo of Jea Wook Cho Feb. 2013 Stable Running Velocity Change of Biped Robot Based on Virtual Torque Ph.D. program, Hanyang Univ
71 Je Doo Rye Photo of Jea Wook Cho Aug. 2013 Sequential Optimization of CPG Parameters Using GA for Locomotion of Biped Robots KITECH
72 Sung Wook Hwang Photo of Sung Wook Hwang Feb. 2014 Trajectory Generation for Biped Robot Walking on Hill with Changing Slope Ph.D. program, Hanyang Univ
73 Nam Gu Kang Photo of Nam Gu Kang Feb. 2015 Rapid Change of Running Direction for Biped Robots TechWing
74 Seong Won Gwon Photo of Seong Won Gwon Aug. 2015 Fast Trotting Algorithm for Stability of Quadruped Robots LG Electronics
75 Sung Wook Jo Photo of Sung Wook Jo Aug. 2015 Trajectory Generation using Rimless Wheel Model for Walking of Biped Robots IPL
76 Ye Hwan Na Photo of Ye Hwan Na Aug. 2015 Trajectory Generation for Trotting of Quadruped Robot with Speed Change based on ZMP SAMYE FA ELECTRICAL Co.
77 Yun Sung Cho Photo of Yun Sung Cho Feb. 2016 Impact Position Estimation and Variable Motion Generation for Push Recovery of Humanoid Robot
78 Zheng Huan Piao Photo of Zheng Huan Piao Feb. 2016 Moving Obstacle Avoidance and Path Plannig for Mobile Robot based on Fuzzy-Logic Control System Simpac
79 Du Chan Ki Photo of Du Chan Ki Feb. 2016 Assembly Pattern Recognition for Modular Robot based on Neural Networks LG Electronics
80 Kwang Soo Kim Photo of Kwang Soo Kim Feb. 2017 Mnimum Time Trajectory Generation of Quadrotor under Path Constraint
81 Jung Hoon Choo Photo of Jung Hoon Choo Aug. 2017 Payload-Capacity Increase and Control of Knee Jionts of Wearable Robots Handing Heavy Loads DSME
82 Yun Hwang Lee Photo of Yun Hwang Lee Aug. 2017 Condotions for Repetitive Hopping of Semi-Passive Robot Based on Poincare Map Ph.D. program, Hanyang Univ
83 Jianhao Su Photo of Jian Hao Su Aug. 2018 Optimal trajectory generation for quadrotor with suspended load under swing angle constraint Hyundai Motors Inc., China
84 Debin Yu Photo of Defu Yu Aug. 2018 Omnidirectional push recovery of biped robot based on CoM velocity Volkswagen, China
85 Kun Hee Ahn Photo of Kun hee Ahn Aug. 2018 Designing stable walking pattern of quadruped robot on uneven terrain Private Business(Ironworks)
86 Sung Min Yoo Photo of Sung Min yoo Aug. 2018 Biped robot walking on uneven terrain using impedance control and terrain recognition algorithm Hyundai Mobis Inc.
87 Hyung Jun Shin Photo of Hyung Jin Shin Feb. 2019 Variable impedance control of bounding quadruped robots
88 Kibeom Kim Photo of Ki Beom Kim Feb. 2019 Balancing control of bipedal robot using deep reinforcement learning LG PRC
89 Jung Hoon Lee Photo of Jung Hoon Lee Feb. 2020 Postural control scheme for stable locomotion in quadruped robots and its optimization
90 Yoon Seok Kang Photo of Yoon Seok Kang Feb. 2020 Collision-free motion planning for formation control of UAV swarm using velocity field Samsung Electronics
91 Jiwoo Lee Photo of Ji Woo Lee Feb. 2020 Sliding Mode Control of under-constrained cable driven parallel robots LG PRC